6 Ways to Grow Your Law Firm Through More Client Referrals

In our experience, law firms can most efficiently grow their business by increasing referrals. The question is: what are the best marketing tactics that boost referrals specifically?

When trying to grow a client base, the tendency is to throw money at the problem without a clearly defined, concerted strategy. We believe this mistake is a significant contributor to lackluster law firm referral marketing.

So, this article’s goal is to break down the top six ways law firms can gain more clients without hiring an expensive marketing agency.

The tips are pretty straightforward, so here’s what law firms can do to raise referrals quickly.

                                                                                                  1 – Feature Online Testimonials

If your law firm doesn’t prominently feature many online testimonials from satisfied clients, our initial recommendation is to put them front and center.


Without a doubt, raising customer marketing referrals through testimonials is a time-honored marketing activity that’s proven adequate time and again.

Overall, the general idea is that clients will be more comfortable taking a leap of faith if other people report a good experience. Still, the trick is only to post genuine, heartfelt testimonials and resist the urge to embellish them.

In addition, potential clients need to feel a connection with the satisfied client that you choose to feature. They need to believe that the person recommending the law firm is just like them and has the same need.

Besides, another tactic to raise referrals is to share when clients refer you and show appreciation for the endorsement. Honestly, this type of opportunity doesn’t come along too often, so we want you to take advantage of the opening.

At this point, here’s where an active social media presence finally pays dividends. One easy-to-execute tactic is to immediately engage with people who engage with your brand online whether or not their input is positive or negative.


                                                                                                   2 – Improve Service and Satisfaction

Along those lines, to receive those testimonials in the first place, we recommend improving client service and satisfaction. We can’t stress enough to law firms how critical it is to value customer service.

Every touchpoint with a client matters tremendously from the very moment they click on an online lead capture form to learn more.

Not many law firms appreciate the fact that they may be in the legal field, but they’re still a business with a brand to build and strengthen.

One quick win is to have staff in the law firm immediately greet potential clients who walk in for the first time. It’s also a good idea to offer potential clients something like a bottle of water or a cup of coffee.

Always remember that speaking to a lawyer is stressful for many people, so you’re much more likely to earn a testimonial and subsequent referrals if you put them at ease.


                                                                                                       3 – Remind Clients About Referrals

Another mistake we see law firms make is forgetting to remind clients about referrals. You don’t necessarily need to offer rewards and openly solicit endorsements. All you need to do is casually remind clients when they walk away satisfied and leave it at that without sounding too pushy.

That’s why it’s so vital to use a client’s contact information to your advantage when building a marketing strategy.

For example, if you simply forget to remind clients about referrals, send them an email to jog their memory about their experience with your law firm.

Reminding clients about referrals is so critical but easy to overlook too. That’s why so many law firm websites constantly ask visitors for their contact information.

It’s an incredibly effective way to build referrals by delivering an excellent experience and asking for referrals.


                                                                                         4 – Provide Several Different Avenues to Receive Referrals

Similarly, you have to give satisfied clients several different avenues to post referrals. What you don’t want to do is miss an opportunity simply because your law firm has no social media presence, not even a Twitter!

When people see that you genuinely care about your clients, even after the cases come to an end, it’ll strengthen your firm’s brand like no other.

Still, the legal field is infamous for being relatively stuffy, boring, and difficult for clients to understand. But by giving clients many ways to leave referrals, you’ll be casting a wider net online.

Another tactic is to publish a thriving, active blog and ask readers to leave comments and discuss the content.

You could also do the same with a professional networking platform like LinkedIn. Still, we try to steer law firms away from relying on LinkedIn too much because operating a website of their own converts at a significantly higher rate.


                                                                                                       5 – Be More Active in Your Community

Of all tips in this article, this one is probably the most difficult to execute because it requires time and, maybe, a small initial investment.

Without a doubt, we’ve seen several law firms increase referrals through community outreach like sponsorship for youth athletic programs.

The trick is that you have to actually attend the events you sponsor and network as much as you can, especially if potential clients will be present.

But if your law firm’s specialty is real estate, a great way to be active in the community is to host micro seminars on the legalities of home buying and welcome potential clients who want to learn more to come into the office.


                                                                                                        6 – Improve Professional Networking

Lastly, we recommend that law firms improve their professional networking with other lawyers. If a law firm isn’t a direct competitor, you can ask them to refer clients to you who ask for services outside their specialty.

For instance, a client may come in asking questions about real estate, but after consultation, it turns out that they really need a divorce attorney. In this case, you want to be the first firm that gets recommended.

In the end, these simple tips work together to gain referrals by demonstrating that your law firm genuinely has the client’s best interests in mind.



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