Increased Risk for This New Vision/Eyes Side Effect Highest in Elderly Patients and Chronic Kidney Disease Patients


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In June 2021 it was reported that Invokana, Farxiga, and Jardiance, as well as other drugs in the Sodium-Glucose Co-Transporter-2 (SGLT2) Inhibitors class, are associated with an increased risk of retinal vein occlusion. This new SGLT2 inhibitors side effect was the subject of a presentation at the 81st Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association which was based on the first study to examine the potential association of retinal vein occlusion with the use of SGLT2 inhibitors.

From this news report published on the PracticeUpdate website (free registration required), “ADA 2021: SGLT2 Inhibitors May Increase the Risk of Retinal Vein Occlusion“, we get these details:

“SGLT2 inhibitors lower blood glucose levels by increasing urinary glucose excretion and can also reduce body weight and blood pressure,” wrote the authors in their study poster. “Retinal vein occlusion is a peripheral vascular occlusive disease that shares cardiovascular risk factors. As patients with type 2 diabetes have a markedly higher rate of retinal vein occlusion than those without, assessing the risk of retinal vein occlusion associated with the use of new drugs for diabetes is important.”….

In a subgroup analysis, significant interactions were evident with use SGLT2 inhibitors and risk of retinal vein occlusion concerning age ≥ 60 years (hazard ratio 1.53, 95% confidence interval 1.20–1.94, P =.0135) and estimated glomerular filtration rate < 60 mL/min/1.73 m2 (hazard ratio 3.13, 95% confidence interval 155–6.32, P = .0083). No significant interactions were evident for sex, age, body mass index, presence of comorbidities, multiple lifestyle factors, or use of other anti-diabetes agents.

“In a matched cohort study, we found that SGLT2 inhibitors were associated with a significantly increased risk of retinal vein occlusion. The elderly and patients with chronic kidney disease were at higher risk for retinal vein occlusion,” concluded the researchers in the poster.

Of course, we will continue to monitor the medical literature for more about this new SGLT2 inhibitors side effect related to vision/eyes, retinal vein occlusion.

Previously, Invokana, Farxiga, and Jardiance — as well as Invokamet, Xigduo, Glyxambi, Synjardy, Qtern, Steglatro, Steglujan, Segluromet, and other SGLT2 inhibitors — have been associated with other side effects, or adverse drug reactions, such as Fournier’s gangrene and necrotizing fasciitis of the perineum. We have been investigating possible drug injury lawsuits against the responsible pharmaceutical companies for patients who were diagnosed with those serious side effects. Medical & Legal Information About Drug Side Effects
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