Well, I have spent several weeks now with my new Boox Note Air, and, while the software is sluggish, and it has its quirks when used as a layered EInk note taking device, it has replaced the Remarkable, and I use it for my daily calendar and note taking. No paper still. However, while it runs Android, and can download and use many PlayStore Android apps, I prefer my venerable Samsung Tab S5e for video viewing, and games, and Ereading. The color screen really makes my reading of the daily paper, and NFL highlights on the NFL channel, and most other viewing specific apps much nicer. So, it looks like I will be carrying two tablets with me. They each have their benefits. The Tablet has its own LTE chip, so it connects to the Internet anywhere, and I can use it as a Mobile Hotspot for the Note Air. I can even use the Hotspot for mobile notebook computer use for my Microsoft Book 2, and the TVs in the RV. In a pinch, I can still use the Note Air for Android apps; or, I can access two Android apps at once…one on the Note Air, and the other on the Samsung tablet.