In the early days, before most of you were born, we lawyers were a paper intensive bunch. We spent more on file rooms, and file storage than we did on electricity. We had law libraries filled with books on paper, lined up on wooden shelves in large rooms in which we sat a long wooden tables, surrounded by open books. I still have a conference room surrounded by law books that go back to the founding of Florida in the 1800’s. These days, however, all of those paper files and books are obsolete, and most of our data is stored in that fictional place we call the cloud. Are we too dependent on the electrical grid, and server farms in remote locations? Perhaps. But, this is the world we live in. So, get with the program. Learn about file storage and data storage and law office management in the cloud. Otherwise, like the dinosaurs, you may become a fossil someday, being dug up and analyzed by a future generation of law clerks.