Product Updates and Sneak Peek 👀 | August 2021

We are doing everything in our power to ensure that you are well equipped to handle the day to day communication with your clients and giving them the best client experience.

August’s Sneak Peek: What we are working on this month

Recurring Message Automation Enhancement–Setting Maximum Limits

This wonderful enhancement allows firms to further broaden their automations by allowing firms set a maximum number of times a recurring message should be sent.

Do you have a message or reminder that you would only like to send a set number of times?  Soon you will be able to set a limit for Automated Recurring Message.  Once that limit is met, the message will stop automatically.

Whether you need a reminder sent once or a weekly reminder throughout the life cycle of the case, Recurring Message Automations will help streamline and automate the process!


Internal Checklist Automations

Internal Checklists templates will soon be automated by Practice Area Stage and notify firm users in the new Internal Messaging tab.

This is a great way to keep track of all firm tasks and ensure everything is being completed.

Read below on the advantages of the Internal Messaging tab and stay tuned for further updates to this feature.


If you want to talk through implementing this new feature for your firm schedule a time with your Account Manager. 

What did the Case Status team work on in July?

July’s Release: What’s New Now!

Internal Messaging

Internal Messaging is now separate from External Collaborations



Working from home?  Tired of too many slack channels to find the information you need?

Internal Messaging is a great way to communicate with any member of that case to reduce the amount of places to communicate on one matter.

Want to follow up with a paralegal to make sure that something has been done?

Send a message directly to the case’s inbox to notify a user that you have a questions.

Want to create an internal checklist and allow users to see what has and what has not been marked as complete?

Internal messaging contains a checklist feature only visible to your users.

Organizing all of your client communication is an important feature of Case Status, so why would your internal communication get the same treatment?

Integration News

New Integrations- As we continue to grow as a company, we grow our relationships with our integrated partners and continue to strengthen our relationships with you by allowing us to bring you exactly what you need.

As Case Status grows, we continue to focus on expanding and improving our partnerships with our integrated software partners to bring you exactly what you need.


New Filevine Integrations COMING SOON!!!!

Automated Status Updates with Phase Change

With this upgrade, Practice Area stages can now be updated automatically when a Phase is changed in Filevine.  

The status update, prior, was a manual process, but by matching your Phases in Filevine to the Practice Area Stages in Case Status, this will trigger a Stage change in Case Status updating your client that their case has progressed.

Just one more integration buildout to automate your day and keep your clients better informed.

D.O.B. & SSN Integration

Case Status will now pull the SSN & Date of Birth field from Filevine and import that into the client information, eliminating the need for double entry. 

If your firm needs help matching up practice areas and phases or  would like to learn more, please contact me at 

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