August 2021: Did you know?

Hey Case Status users!   

We know that people communicate in different ways in different situations.  Sometimes it’s by text, sometimes Snapchat, sometimes it’s FaceTime.  Depending on the environment or situation you may want to text your client even after they have downloaded the app.


We all know that once a client downloads the Case Status app all notifications will be sent via the mobile app, but did you know there is an SMS toggle in the messaging tab that allows you to send messages via text even after they elected to go the app route?




You can clearly see the client has downloaded the app by seeing a Last Interaction Date/Time in Client Information Box, but by toggling to ON, messages are sent both via the app as well as by text.

Notice how messages sent by SMS are now marked with a green message stating the message was sent as a text.


So next time your client asks if you wouldn’t mind sending them a text as well–now you know!!


Reasonably and Prudently yours,



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