Stephanie L. Tang shares insights on various divorce processes options available, as well as aspects parties should consider when choosing which process is best for their situation in Gabrielle Hartley’s Better Apart blog.

In the article, “What Divorce Process is the Right Fit for Me?,” Stephanie details the litigation, mediation and collaborative divorce processes and outlines the considerations to weigh when choosing a divorce process including:

  • A history of domestic abuse and/or neglect
  • The level of trust between the parties
  • An ability of parties to openly communicate

Read the full article here.

Gabrielle Hartley’s Better Apart blog dives deep into topics for those considering divorce or in the post-divorce process. The blog hosts divorce attorneys, journalists, columnists, therapists, mediators and other professionals that share divorce-related insights.In an article published by the Better Apart blog, Stephanie L. Tang discusses litigation, mediation and collaborative divorce and how to decide which option is best for those considering divorce.

Stephanie practices in all areas of family law, providing personalized attention to her clients throughout the litigation and settlement process. She is a certified mediator, a Fellow with Collaborative Divorce Illinois and a Certified Financial Litigator with the American Academy for Certified Financial Litigators. She has appeared on many podcasts and continuously shares family law insights through webinars.

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