In this episode, we are speaking with Trupteeranjan Padhi, who works as the Legal Process Manager at Algo Legal, a Bangalore-based law firm that is one of the most forward-looking law firms known in India.

This episode packs a lot of practical insights into the practices and mindsets that law firms should adopt to create greater business value for their clients as well as themselves.


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Notes / timestamps

  • Truptee’s professional background:

  • What has changed about the legal market? Why are law firms focusing on being tech-driven?

  • How law firms are facing pressure from clients, and why there is a need to differentiate services

  • The need for dedicated client portals, logins, and dashboards.

  • Impact on lawyers’ productivity: pressure, burnout, stress

  • The power of process management as a competitive strategy, improving service quality and value addition

  • Technology minimizes human errors

  • Example of compliance management tool in an investment transaction

  • Culture of having interactive dashboards

  • The business case for innovation: value-addition for clients and reduction of legal spend

  • Example of due diligence

  • Help your clients look good

  • Make the best of the tools you already have

  • Example of Microsoft Planner

  • The need to use fewer apps, and having a central mission center to work out of

  • Scoping and planning your projects, estimating time and resources

  • On practice management solutions

  • The need for Interoperability

  • The power of visualization

  • Legal design

  • How should law firm staff /organization structure change accommodate these changes?

  • Closing

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