2021 has been filled with the strangest news. We’ve read about the discovery of a fossil of a 4-legged Whale*, you can possibly get your hands on a piece of Princess Diana’s wedding cake**, a research vessel found SpongeBob look-alikes a mile under the ocean’s surface,*** and it’s getting harder to find Mac and Cheese Ice Cream!**** And this is just the tip of the oddest news iceberg. So, it’s now back to school time and school is shaping up to, once again, look very different for everyone.
Solo Practice University school has always been online and safe and secure from your home or office or home office! However, we also know that finances remain tighter than normal due to the events impacting us all. 2021 will end but at this stage, who knows what 2022 will even look like. But until then, get armed with the knowledge you need to creatively build an exciting and profitable practice because you are going to have to be even more entrepreneurial then ever before.

In keeping with our mission and of making life and practice more affordable, we’re making it easier than ever for you to join Solo Practice University. Learn more….

Written by Susan Cartier Liebel