We’re thrilled to announce that Evisort has been recognized as an Overall Leader in both the Contract Management and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) categories in the G2.com Fall 2021 Grid Report! Evisort was also named the provider of Best Support in the Mid-Market for both categories. G2 is the world’s largest tech marketplace, and this recognition comes directly from the people who matter most: practicing attorneys who have partnered with Evisort to evolve the practice of law.

These G2 distinctions mean the world to our founding team. When we were students at Harvard Law, building Evisort from the ground up, we didn’t know exactly what we wanted the platform to be — but we did know what we wanted lawyering to be. We saw attorneys performing tedious, rote work, and we knew that the level of technology already available at that point had the potential to render much of that work obsolete. But as students, what we lacked was knowledge of the day-to-day issues that in-house counsel face.

How did we fill that gap? Conversations with lawyers like you. You taught us about common pain points and resource gaps that in-house lawyers face, and you showed us what sorts of creative solutions you had devised — and how we could help you go further. Our initial partners were integral in our product development and worked with us every step of the way as we built out our early features and algorithms to be responsive to the needs of our users — you.

The more we learned about legal operations, the more we felt validated in our initial vision. We’re unlocking the key data inside contracts to enable corporate lawyers to work on strategy instead of menial tasks. After a year or so, practicing lawyers were literally falling out of their seats when they saw our AI in action! But we can’t take all of the credit. What we’ve built wouldn’t have been possible without that constant feedback, support, and collaboration from our early clients.

As young lawyers, we didn’t set out just to create a new software platform. We’ve spent years working to transform what lawyering can be. This recognition shows us that the industry is indeed shifting to realize our vision: legal practices should be driven by data and backed by technology, not resistant to them.

Moving forward, we are excited to continue working with all of you to push the envelope and keep defining what the 21st-century lawyer should be: smart, efficient, and tech-savvy. Thanks for taking this journey with us!

Evisort’s contract intelligence platform is an end-to-end contract lifecycle management and analytics solution that protects, scales, and accelerates businesses. Evisort can automatically understand key provisions in contracts without needing extensive human review. It’s built for legal, sourcing and procurement, sales, finance, and IT departments both at growing companies and at global enterprises such as Microsoft, BNY Mellon, McKesson, and Keller Williams.

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