In a recent Chicago Sun Times article, Stephanie L. Tang shared how attorneys are increasingly seeing co-parenting parties have disagreements regarding the COVID-19 vaccine and their children.

Family law professionals shared insights on how both attorneys and parents are tackling this sensitive issue in the article, “Divorce attorneys brace for exes battling over kids getting COVID-19 vaccine”

Stephanie shared arguments amongst divorced parents over vaccinations are not uncommon. Even before the pandemic, she represented parents in favor and in opposition to vaccine requirements for their children.

Now that COVID-19 has skyrocketed in the United States and school is back in session, it is no surprise that disagreements about vaccinations are rising as well.

“This is something we’ve been seeing increasingly over the last few months,” Stephanie said.

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The Chicago Chinese News also featured Stephanie and this story on the front page of the August 30, 2021 edition. See here.

As restrictions for unvaccinated individuals continue to be set in place, conversations and collaboration between divorced parents is necessary to determine the best outcome for their children.

Stephanie is an award-winning family law attorney dedicated to providing personalized solutions to her clients’ ever-changing needs. Understanding that the cases she works on are sensitive, Stephanie works to ensure her clients are comfortable and prepared throughout the entire process.

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