Not all accidents in Florida happen outdoors. Your safety can also still be compromised even if you are inside the protection of your homes, office spaces, indoor parks, and malls. Accidents are unforeseeable events that can happen for many reasons like slippery tiles, scattered debris, and uneven flooring. When a person is harmed because of these hazards, it can be categorized as a slip and fall accident.

As such, Florida law states that one must prove their slip and fall accident, but first things first, what is a slip and fall accident?

Slip And Fall Accident

Despite its name, slip and fall accidents are not just literally about slipping and falling accidentally. Slip and falls are personal injury cases that a person can file when they are injured or harmed in another’s property due to the property owner’s negligence. A slip and fall accident can be caused by wet floors and misplaced items that can block foot traffic. In any case, according to Florida law, one must be able to prove their slip and fall claim.

How To Prove A Slip And Fall Accident

Accidents are unexpected events and property owners can always deny their involvement. Proving a slip and fall accident can be complicated but asking the aid of an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you win the case. When trying to prove a slip and fall accident, here are the things that you should take note of:

• Ignoring Hazardous Objects – Is the hazardous object that caused the slip and fall accident already existing for long periods? If such is the case, it can be argued that the existence of the object has been deliberately ignored and that the property owner has failed to take measures in ensuring that the space is safe for other people.

• Lack of Proper Lighting – Does the place have adequate lighting? Dark places are common locations for accidents to happen as they tear us away from being able to see what lies ahead clearly. Poor lighting can cause us to trip and bump on objects that we could have avoided if there had been good lighting in the area.

• Failure To Put Warning Signs – For slippery floors and wet tiles, putting a warning or caution sign is a must especially in crowded spaces like offices, malls, and hotel lobbies. When cleaning and mopping are ongoing, you would often see warning cones that mark the slippery spot. When the property owner failed to do so, it can count as a slip and fall accident and a personal injury case can be filed.

• Recurring Accidents – You may not be the first one to get in an accident over a certain cause. For instance, many people might have already experienced falling down the stairs because of the uneven steps. If there have already been several cases and complaints regarding the cause of the accident and no action has been taken, this can be reported as a slip and fall accident.

Unlike car accidents that leave a lot of evidence, slip and falls can be difficult to prove. However, getting the help of a seasoned personal injury lawyer can help you get the evidence and facts you need to win the case. This way, you will be justifiably compensated for the injuries and damages you have acquired from your slip and fall accident.