Fairphone. I really hate virtue signaling. So much of our current “Look at me, I’m better than you” climate is so fake and phony. FairPhone really wants to make a lot of money selling cell phones. Does it advertise based upon its benefits as compared to Samsung or Apple phones? No, it says you should buy our phone because “we care about the environment”. Humans have been responsible for some of the climate change that is inevitable anyway. The mass delusion that we can forestall the inevitable changes in the earth by going back to the Stone Age and getting rid of fossil fuels completely is a fool’s errand. If you think that buying a hybrid car, or paying a carbon tax to some bureaucracy somewhere, or buying a cell phone because a profit making corporation says it is virtuous, is a good thing, do it. But, don’t ask me to applaud you because you are a nicer, more caring, or better human being than I am. If we want to stop using fossil fuels, how about we find better forms of energy production? How about working on safer ways to use nuclear power? How about working on solutions to the problem? Buying a product from a virtue signaling company, or paying a carbon tax that does nothing but enrich the receiver is not the way to do it. Okay, rant over. I am going to get into my fossil fuel powered car now, and go to work at an office that has air conditioning and lights powered by an energy company and avoid the 90 degree heat that is typical this time of year. Fairphone