Dave Curran,  ESG and Law Institute executive director and co-chair of the Paul, Weiss ESG Advisory Practice, contributed to market intelligence consultancy Investor Update’s white paper, “The Corporate ESG Guide: The ESG Landscape and Economies in Transition.” Dave was interviewed as one of more than 50 corporate leaders, investors, regulators, advisors and rating agencies from five continents on the challenges of their ongoing efforts to transition to a low-carbon economy.

In the paper, Dave discusses several ESG topics, including regulatory coordination and jurisdictional challenges, ESG-related risks in the global supply chain, and the reporting and disclosure environment. He also highlights the importance of cooperation between senior management, boards and all corporate departments to address the variety of ESG issues that impact the business. “At many companies, ESG has not historically been a board level issue — so boards are now furiously moving to get up to speed on ESG issues. Currently, ESG sits in very different places in an organization, and if they’re not coordinated at some level, there could be challenges,” he says.

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