As COVID-19 vaccine availability has increased substantially, the number of disagreements between parents regarding the vaccine has too, leaving many divorced parents unsure of their next steps.

Stephanie L. Tang recently detailed the influx of parental disputes over the COVID-19 vaccine and the current processes available to resolve these disagreements in WGN Radio’s Legal Face-Off.

In the interview “Vladeck on Texas abortion ban, Newman on Elijah McClain, Tang on COVID-19 vaccination divorcee disputes, and much more,” Stephanie:

  • Explains why parents are hesitant to vaccinate their children
  • Predicts an increase in vaccine court cases
  • Shares how judges are managing vaccination cases that make it to court

She also discusses how litigation is not the only option available to resolve COVID-19 vaccination disputes for children.

“A lot of the times, in a parenting agreement, there’s actually a provision that’s built in called an ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution Provision’ that provides that if there is a dispute regarding issues such as vaccinations, they’re required to attend mediation with a certified mediator first before going to court to litigate the issue,” Stephanie stated.

Listen to the full segment here.

Stephanie previously discussed the rising number of COVID-19 vaccination-related disputes regarding children of divorced parents with the Chicago Sun Times. See here for more information.

Stephanie is an award-winning family law attorney committed to providing clients with personalized solutions to their ever-changing needs. Understanding that the cases she works on are sensitive, Stephanie works to ensure her clients are comfortable and prepared throughout the entire process.

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