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Ransomware Attacks in the United States Between 2018 and Today

Researched, published, and updated weekly by Comparitech**, the following map geographically depicts many of the known ransomware attacks in the United States between 2018 and today. The comprehensive map pinpoints the locations of each ransomware attack and, where available, includes the ransom amount, whether or not the ransom was paid, the entity and industry that was targeted, and the strain of ransomware used.

Comparitech researchers have compiled this excellent resource through consistent and comprehensive searches through state reports, industry news, and cybersecurity databases to find the latest ransomware attacks on US businesses, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies.

Additionally, Comparitech researchers have compiled a full list of ransomware attacks and sources. Access to this listing can be requested here.

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*Shared with permission from the publisher, Comparitech.

**About Comparitech

Comparitech is a pro-consumer website providing information, tools, reviews, and comparisons to help readers in the US, UK and the rest of the world improve their cyber security and privacy online. Founded in 2015, the company is comprised of a team of 30 security researchers, writers, developers, and editors covering a wide range of cyber security topics. They extensively test and review products including VPNs, password managers, ID theft protection, antivirus, network monitoring tools, firewalls, and more. Learn more at Comparitech.com.

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