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Everlaw Launches Legal Holds for Simple, Efficient, and Defensible Management of Legal Holds Workflows

Everlaw, the cloud-native investigation and litigation platform, today announced the release of Everlaw Legal Holds, a new capability that will help in-house legal teams more easily preserve evidence in a defensible way. Additionally, Everlaw released a new cloud connector to Slack, which will enable teams to more quickly and effectively ingest and analyze data from Slack directly within Everlaw.

As software solutions become increasingly easy to purchase, integrate and manage in the cloud, corporations are beginning to bring their previously outsourced legal services in-house. In fact, a recent Everlaw survey found that 32% of legal professionals reported plans to migrate to the cloud via in-house solutions. In-house legal teams often struggle with manual processes that make it difficult to provide consistent custodian notifications, track their responses and escalate when necessary for non-responsive custodians. As a result, they need an all-in-one solution that encourages efficiency from legal holds through discovery.

Everlaw Legal Holds is an integrated part of the Everlaw platform at no extra cost, allowing users to keep legal work, from holds and document review to case strategy, in one highly secure place. Features such as built-in tracking and auto-escalations enable teams to manage legal holds more efficiently and deploy holds more quickly. Connecting data uploads to particular holds and custodians in Everlaw reduces friction as matters move toward discovery. These features help avoid the time-consuming, manual spreadsheet and email tracking that plague some in-house teams, and can help others stop wasting money on expensive siloed solutions. Legal Holds also helps in-house professionals proactively mitigate risk and avoid human error with an auditable tracking system that creates a more defensible audit trail.

“Ediscovery continues to evolve as an industry and a practice area,” said Ryan O’Leary, Esq. Research Manager for Privacy and Legal Technology at IDC. “Ediscovery champions within enterprises continue to be pressured to do more with less, all while having the desire to bring more of the ediscovery process in-house. Legal holds are a crucial step of ediscovery to ensure the appropriate information is collected and protected. Everlaw recognizes this reality and by incorporating legal holds as a feature, and not a product, differentiates themselves as a unique partner for ediscovery stakeholders. Auditable legal holds and defensible collections become easier and the additional value created for customers is a compelling solution within the ediscovery sphere.”

Everlaw Legal Holds lets teams:

  • Quickly import custodian lists
  • Draft customizable hold notices and copy language from an existing hold to maintain consistency
  • Send notices with automated response tracking
  • Flexibly modify and edit holds
  • Encourage custodian acknowledgment of a hold with a simple, one-click flow
  • Easily view holds and custodian statuses
  • Download a tracking report of all acknowledgment, reminder, and escalation events
  • Send automated escalation and reminder notices
  • Simply release holds
  • Connect data uploaded to Everlaw to particular holds and custodians within the platform

“Legal professionals need technology that’s easy to use, convenient, and encourages increased efficiency,” said Everlaw CEO AJ Shankar. “Too often legal technologies have been disjointed, and when teams have to shuffle data across different platforms, they’re wasting time and could even lose critical information on important matters in the process. Everlaw Legal Holds is an easy-to-use, all-inclusive system that helps legal teams avoid this fragmentation, providing one central location from initial legal hold, to document review and production, to pre-trial case and deposition strategy.”

Additionally, Everlaw released a Slack connector that allows users to import Slack data directly into Everlaw. Chat functions have historically been difficult to extract evidence from, especially as people communicate more online than ever before – a recent Slack survey found that 78% of IT decision-makers plan to keep using Slack or other collaboration tools even after the pandemic. With Everlaw’s upload wizard, users can select custodians, date ranges, channels (both public and private) and view Slack messages as conversations directly within the Everlaw platform for easy review. The connector also extracts metadata from chat conversations, like the names of participants who contributed during a chat session or the date and times the messages were sent. The Slack connector builds on the rich set of cloud collection tools already available on Everlaw including Microsoft Office 365, Google Vault, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, ShareFile, and Microsoft SharePoint.

About Everlaw

Everlaw blends cutting-edge technology with modern design to help government entities, law firms, and corporations solve the toughest problems in the legal industry. Everlaw is used by Fortune 100 corporate counsels and household brands like Hilton and Dick’s Sporting Goods, 76 out of the AM Law 100, and all 50 U.S. state attorneys general. Based in Oakland, California, Everlaw is funded by top-tier investors, including CapitalG, Menlo Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and K9 Ventures.

Learn more at https://www.everlaw.com.

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