Here are some of the common ways that people are injured during Halloween time. Know what a skilled and experience attorney can do for you?

A personal injury lawyer can come to your rescue in the case you have been injured physically or psychologically due to someone else’s negligence. A majority of the cases such lawyers deal with include those of slip and fall, vehicle accident, and workplace injury. They can also help those injured during the festive period. A majority of us celebrate major festivals like Halloween, Christmas, etc. This is a time for fun and joy however, it is also a time when the number of accidents rises. This article is a good guide to how you can get injured during Halloween and seek help from a professional personal injury attorney in California.

Common Reasons for Accidents During Halloween

A personal injury lawyer can help you make appropriate claims to assist you with your medical bills and other issues. Listed here are some of the common reasons why accidents occur:

  • The streets have more pedestrians crossing and walking by during Halloween thus, increasing the chances of an accident.
  • Vehicular accidents tend to occur due to distracted drivers and pedestrians in the festive mood crossing with their guard down.
  • Trick-or-treating is something that goes on till late at night, hence one might not be always easily visible to the drivers in the dark.
  • The Halloween festival is also associated with fancy decorations and elaborate arrangements. Those who fail to take appropriate previsions risk having people trip and fall over their decorations.
  • Electrical fires at home or work also rise during this festive period due to badly installed decorations.

Important facts and statistics

  • Accidents rise during festivals like Labour Day, 4th of July, Easter, Halloween, etc.
  • The Memorial Day Weekend is the festive time when most accidents tend to occur (312 per year)
  • Average number of fatalities per 1000 fires during Halloween is higher than that during fires in normal circumstances. (2017-19)
  • Average loss to property or others during hollow tends to be $13,690 while that during normal circumstances is $11,860. (2017-19).
  • Type of Halloween fires between 2017-19 includes 34% of outside fires, 33.4% residential ones, 16.4% vehicle fires, and 10.2% non-residential ones.
  • Maximum fires tend to occur between 6 and 7 in the evening.
  • Cooking is the reason for 49% of Halloween fires, heating for 12%, and electrical malfunctions for 8%.

How can a personal injury attorney in California help?

A personal injury attorney is specially trained and has the necessary skills to deal with insurance companies and other lawyers. They have a knack for negotiating to settle on a good deal instead of having to go to court. There are many benefits of hiring one as listed here:

  • It is not uncommon for people to settle for less; A lawyer has a better chance of helping you claim what you deserve since they have more knowledge of how the legal system functions.
  • They can help you cut your costs and ensure you do not spend a fortune on your medical bills.
  • This type of attorney has a better understanding of the legal process and offers tips & correct guidance on how to file your claims.
  • It is not uncommon for the other side to fight your claim and at times a simple negotiation does not suffice. In this case, a professional lawyer can represent you in court to fight for your cause.

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