Marcomm Professionals, Alone, May Not Be Sufficient To Run Legal Blogs. My law blog guru, Kevin O’Keefe, has fascinating insights into legal blog publishing. BigLaw firms often hire communications professionals to run their blogs, and recruit firm lawyers to write posts. Client retention, reputation management, and other goals push this narrative. Build it, and they will come. In fact, if you or your firm want to blog, hire a lawyer to run it. Kevin’s company, LexBlog, specializes in it. But, law blogging, for me, as a solo, is much more than that. It is a diary of my legal and professional and personal life. It is more than dry recitation of legal concepts. It is a conversation with the world, and clients and prospective clients, that creates a relationship; not necessarily an attorney client one. You can cancel my blog posts when I am dead. Every post since I began the blog in 2005 is still available via permanent link.  No communications professional is ever going to have the power to remove me from the conversation. Only I can do that. I am a Solo Lawyer. Woodenboat