A high percentage of accidents result in injuries and fatalities every year. For example, there were 4,500,000 injuries reported due to crashes in 2019. It is important that one be aware of the action to take after being involved in an accident. It is likely that you have been injured due to the negligence of the other person. In this case, you can file a claim and recover the cost of your medical expenses. 

However, filing a lawsuit in court is not always straightforward and the lawyer has a knack for finding loopholes and a method to settle for less. It is a good practice to seek help from a professional Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. They can help you negotiate a better settlement and get what you deserve. This article provides more information on contacting a lawyer after an accident and the benefits of doing it as soon as possible.

Tips on hiring a personal injury attorney in California

  • There is a limit to the amount of time you can wait prior to filing a claim in case of personal injury. The statute of limitations is different for each state. Hence contacting a lawyer fast will work in your favor.
  • If you have experienced trauma after being involved in a car accident, this includes physical as well as physiological injuries you can contact a personal injury lawyer.
  • You can demand compensation for losses you have suffered due to your injuries. This can be due to being unable to perform your duties and being bedridden.
  • A personal injury lawyer has extensive knowledge on legal matters pertaining to accidents and can help you file the claim, deal with the lawyers, and also talk to the insurance agency while you recover from your injuries.
  • A lawyer can help negotiate with the other party, draft the complaints and take care of the documentation necessary.
  • Court hearings can be taken a lot out of one, having a lawyer to help you will help you maintain peace of mind.
  • They can guide you with appropriate legal advice.
  • It is not always simple to gather evidence however, a lawyer will have the expertise and resources to prove that the accident was caused due to the negligence of the other person.
  • They can help negotiate a fair settlement and help with the true value of your injuries.

Interesting facts and statistics

  • 1.3 million die each year due to road accidents.
  • Up to 50 million people suffer injuries due to road accidents every year.
  • Number of female drivers in the USA in July 2020 was 115.7 million and male drivers were 113 million.
  • There are over 280 million vehicles in operation as of July 2020.
  • Over 12 million vehicles were involved in an accident in 2018.

Benefits of contacting a lawyer immediately after an accident

A personal injury attorney in California like the Saw Law Group can help you in many ways. This is a leading law firm where the lawyers have the expertise to take necessary action depending on the unique aspects of a case. You can improve your chances of getting a better claim settlement if you contact them immediately after the car accident. A legal issue like this is not always easy to deal with and it often happens that you need to go to court. 

Contacting the highly qualified lawyers at Saw Law Group before calling the insurance company is highly beneficial. They can help you file the lawsuit and claim in various situations like personal injury, emotional distress, medical bills, lost wages, pain, damage, wrongful death, and more.