Driving a normal car for long hours is tough, but drying a large truck or semi-truck or trailer is even tougher. The truck’s routes tend to be long and require the drive for long hours or days. Semi-Truck Drivers tend to have a bad reputation since at times they are guilty of driving irresponsibly and causing accidents. However, the fact remains that these truck drivers are an integral part of the US culture and many drivers are unaware of how to drive when in close proximity to one. 

Large trucks have blind spots all around them including in the front and require more space to stop and turn. At times it is the truck drivers who are at fault and fail to drive their large vehicles in the right manner. This article provides information on how an expert truck accident attorney in Los Angeles can assist you in the case of an accident with a speeding truck.

Ricks from Speeding Trucks

Some of the common issues with accidents involving large trucks include drivers falling asleep due to driving for longer hours than recommended, driving unsafely, fast, and in an aggressive manner to meet their shipping targets. This is not a good situation to be caught up with however, at times like this the car drivers that become the victims have to deal with damage to their vehicles and personal injuries. Some of the common risks from speeding trucks include:

  • Trucks will always take wide turns and they might not go as you expect at times.
  • They have blind spots all around thus increasing the risk of an accident if you drive too close.
  • They fail to maintain an adequate stopping distance.
  • It is not uncommon for truck drivers to drive aggressively, in a bad manner.
  • Speeding & driving with not firmly secured cargo.
  • They fail to take the recommended driving breaks and drive fast to maintain their shipping deadlines. 

Tips to Stay Safe On the Road

It is almost impossible for you to ensure the truck drivers drive in the right manner at all times. However, there are several precautions you can take to avoid accidents with a semi-trailer. Here are a few tips to stay safe on the road:

  • Never drive in close proximity to a Semi Truck.
  • Pay attention to the blind spots, if you cannot see their rare view mirrors, they cannot see you.
  • Keep a lookout for a truck being driven erratically, since this usually means the driver has fallen asleep at the wheel or is in a hurry to meet targets.
  • Beware of the bad road conditions when in the vicinity of a truck.
  • Speeding, bad roads, or winding roads can cause the cargo to shift especially if not secured properly.
  • Driving fast on shredded tires can result in loss of control; hence it is best to be aware of the traffic around you.

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