Each Canadian province or territory has its own specific immigration procedures. The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) is for foreign individuals who want to live and work in Alberta, Canada, including entrepreneurs who want to help grow the Canadian economy and create jobs for Canadians. AINP has 3 pathways for entrepreneurs who plan to live in Alberta and buy or start a business in the province. Effective December 7, 2021, AINP announced several changes to its existing entrepreneur immigration streams that make it easier for immigrant entrepreneurs in the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program to move to Alberta:

  • Foreign Graduate Start-Up Visa Stream
    Language requirements have been reduced for foreign graduates who want to start a business in Alberta. Alberta has decreased the minimum language scores needed from the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) from 7 to 5.

    Foreign graduates can now qualify if they completed their degree within the last 10 years at the time of Expression of Interest submission, instead of the previous 2 years.

  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream
    The requirement for 6 months of mandatory work experience has been eliminated.

    The Post-Graduation Work Permit validity period has been reduced from a minimum of 2 years valid at time of submission to being currently valid.

  • Entrepreneurs
    Entrepreneurs who are operating existing businesses in Alberta are now eligible to apply to the AINP under both the International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream and the Foreign Graduate Start-Up Visa Stream.

What Is The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program?

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program offers 5 immigration streams:

  1. Alberta Opportunity Stream
    For qualified candidates who live and work in Alberta and have a job offer from an Alberta employer.
  2. Alberta Express Entry Stream
    Qualified candidates with an Express Entry profile may be invited by AINP to apply for nomination for permanent residence through the Express Entry (EE) system if they have a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of at least 300 and are currently working in an eligible occupation.
  3. Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Stream
    Experienced farmers who plan to buy or start a farm in Alberta can apply for permanent residence.
  4. International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream
    International graduates of Alberta post-secondary institutions can apply for permanent residence.
  5. Foreign Graduate Start-Up Visa
    Foreign graduates from outside of Canada can apply for permanent residence.

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