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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, risk and compliance teams within professional services firms have been busier than ever before. Gone are the days where firm professionals could simply share information in person during an office lunch or via Post-it Notes in their cubicles. Instead, firms have had to adjust their processes and invest in technology for non-financial risk management to accommodate their remote and distributed workforces as well as the rapid increase in deal flow.

To support staff and improve productivity, firms need to adopt a robust risk process that remains flexible enough to support all of their team’s work while helping professionals efficiently store, share, and access data anytime, anywhere. The best way to successfully connect your people, data, and processes is by investing in a digital solution that leverages AI.

Improve Decision-Making with AI

In the past, many risk teams avoided AI-based tools due to misconceptions around their inability to customize and control the technology. Firms feared that — because partner-based firms’ risk-management needs are so specific and unique — no software could meet their requirements unless in-house experts spent significant time and effort customizing it. Firms also worried that AI-based technology would take control away from their teams by automatically making decisions or moving forward with processes without giving team members a chance to review.

Contrary to these beliefs, AI-based technology for non-financial risk management doesn’t make decisions for firms; instead, this software provides firms with key insights they need to make decisions more quickly. For example, the software can analyze client data to determine what level of risk each client presents; then, the risk team can use that information to decide whether to take on a client. By letting the software analyze the data, risk teams save time and remove the chance of human error while still maintaining responsibility over the actual onboarding process.

Leverage Advanced Intapp Technology

To best address concerns when developing our own AI-based technology for non-financial risk management, OnePlace Risk & Compliance, Intapp has worked closely with our clients. By consistently listening to your experiences and evolving requirements, we’re able to enhance our products to help partner-left firms across various industries work more productively and efficiently, and provide specialized, cutting-edge software that streamlines the work of firms like yours.

One of our most prominent enhancements for OnePlace Risk & Compliance — as well as our other suites — has been migrating the software to the cloud. Intapp hosts products on our highly scalable and secure cloud platform to let users work remotely and collaborate with others in real time. By leveraging a modern cloud architecture, firms can successfully handle any changes in usage patterns, data volume, traffic, and complexity. Mobile capabilities let firms and their professionals access the information they need, whenever and wherever they’re working.

Most importantly, OnePlace Risk & Compliance uses AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics to help risk teams improve conflicts clearance, capture the true costs of engagements, and ensure compliance throughout the entire client matter lifecycle. The software also integrates internal and third-party data to enable broader client evaluation, providing firms with more transparency across the client lifecycle and more accurate risk analysis.

Work with Our Innovative Team

In addition to investing in powerful AI technology, Intapp also aims to better serve our clients by investing in the right people for our risk team. With a combination of technical expertise and industry-specific experience, our team members bring a diverse set of insights and knowledge to the table, letting Intapp help you resolve previously unaddressed or underserved issues.

Learn more about the latest members of our risk team.

Amanda Tooker

Amanda Tooker is a Practice Group Lead for Risk and Financial Services at DealCloud by Intapp. She brings a decade of experience working in conflicts- and reputation-management roles at Bank of American, Goldman Sachs, and Credit Suisse. Her experience gives her a great degree of insight into, and understanding of, bespoke governance and internal software.

Tooker states: “I’m excited to join Intapp at an exciting time and to help support in the risk and compliance offerings.”

Chris Onuorah

Chris Onuorah is a Senior Product Manager for Risk and Compliance at Intapp. He’s responsible for driving product enhancements to address the needs of clients in new markets, including accounting, consulting, private equity, and investment banking. Prior to joining Intapp, Onuorah served as a Vice President in JP Morgan Chase’s banking technology function, where he led the technical buildout of the firm’s conflicts platform and transaction comps databases. In all, Onuorah has spent almost 10 years working in various technology roles within investment banking in New York.

Onuorah states: “At Intapp, we focus on providing excellent products. It’s very exciting to help tailor the product for financial services clients. Several of my former colleagues would have found the risk applications very helpful.”

Juan Gonzalez

Juan Gonzalez is a Senior Product Manager at Intapp. He brings more than 15 years of direct industry experience providing solutions for handling risk-based controls to manage systems entitlements. Before joining Intapp in 2021, Gonzalez worked at Morgan Stanley, most recently as a Product Manager. He is a strong advocate of data-driven decision-making to drive product development.

Gonzalez states: “As the Intapp Walls Cloud Product Manager, I’m focused on helping financial services clients enable secure collaboration and access management across their firmwide applications.”

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