Last fall, Apple announced plans to allow for DIY repair of iPhones. Ars Technica reports the program has finally arrived. Users can visit the Self Service Repair Store to review repair manuals and order parts or tools. The currently available parts are for the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone SE. The process includes four steps.

  1. Start with the repair manual
  2. Order parts and tools for an Apple product repair
  3. Repair your device
  4. Return replacement parts for recycling

In order to complete your transaction, you will need to enter an ID number from the manual at the time of purchase. The ID number is required to browse the store for parts or tools. Instead of purchasing repair tools, you can rent the tools from Apple for one week at a cost of $49 that includes free shipping. Not a bad deal. While a DIY repair option may work for some users, I think most will still prefer that Apple perform the fix.

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