Eventually, passwords will be a thing of the past but not yet. You should be using a unique password for each system you access. Keeping track of all those complex, unique passwords is simplified when you use a password manager. Password managers can also help you generate those long, complex passwords. If you aren’t currently using a password manager and are a Mac user, take a look at 1Password. BGR posted information about the newly released version 8 of 1Password for Mac that introduces a new design and new features.

The redesigned app features a sidebar that is similar to the sidebar Mac users typically experience. In other words, 1Password 8 looks and feels more like all the other apps you use on a Mac. There is also a Quick Access search bar that is similar to a Mac’s default search. As the post states, “The best part about it is that it’ll also work with the system password. That means you won’t have to type in your Mac password when making system changes. Universal Autofill is the name of the feature and works using the same keyboard shortcut you already know.”

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