We’re getting closer to a world without passwords. It’s not quite here, but support from the big three (Microsoft, Apple and Google) is moving the needle towards accessing systems without a password. TechRepublic has a post announcing more details. Your smartphone will be used instead of typing in a password. “To allow the passkey to be transmitted, you’ll use the same methods you normally use to unlock your smartphone, such as a PIN, fingerprint scan or facial recognition. The new approach will protect against phishing attacks and be more secure than passwords and multi-factor authentication methods, the FIDO Alliance said.”

Basically, just unlock your phone with a PIN, facial recognition, fingerprint, etc. and you’re on your way. It’s going to take a little time to get websites converted to support the new logins and for users to implement the FIDO-based credentials. In the interim, you should continue to practice good password hygiene. This means unique complex passwords for each individual login.

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