Apple And Alphabet Return To Work Policy. One of the unintended consequences of my adoption of computer technology in my law practice in the late 1980s was the realization that I could do my legal work anywhere I had a computer and the normal peripherals. I needed an office to meet with clients, and I had to go to a Courthouse to record documents, file pleadings, and attend hearings; but, creating pleadings, correspondence, and legal research could be done wherever I had a computer or a set of law books. As technology advanced, my legal research was done on CDs instead of books, and, later, in the cloud, on computers. Now, I have a thin, light computer weighing less than 3 pounds that carries the ability to access all legal knowledge, and the ability to file my pleadings in any County in the State of Florida online. I even carry my own Internet access in my pocket, and I can work from literally 99% of the continental U.S., or even in another country if I have Internet access. So, when I see the conflicts arising in large corporations like Apple and Alphabet (Google) over requiring their employees to come back to a physical workplace, I smile a bit. The pandemic has highlighted the fact that most employees love the freedom and comfort provided by the ability to work from home (WFH). I have had that freedom since 1990. Of course, some employees crave the group relationships of the physical office. I even keep my physical office for several reasons. I have my parrots there. I park my RV in the parking lot. I can see clients, conduct closings and will signings, and do conferencing there. Of course, with Zoom, client conferences and hearings can also be conducted from anywhere. But, in person still has its benefits. Where is your law practice located?