Canada is experiencing labour shortages, with nearly 1 million job vacancies and a record low unemployment rate of 5.3%. To address the labour crisis, Canada is recruiting foreign workers. Welcoming skilled, educated foreign workers is critical to helping Canada’s economic recovery. In a press release on April 22, Canada’s IRCC minister said immigrants are crucial to easing Canada’s labour shortage:

“With the economy growing faster than employers can hire new workers, Canada needs to look at every option so that we have the skills and labour needed to fuel our growth. Immigration will be crucial to easing our labour shortage, and these measures aim to address pressing needs in all sectors across the country, while providing more opportunities for recent graduates and other applicants to build their lives in Canada and continue contributing to our short-term recovery and long-term prosperity.”

– The Honourable Sean Fraser,
Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

Canada’s New Measures to Welcome Immigrants

Canada has implemented new measures to recruit foreign workers to help businesses during the Canadian labour shortage:

Canada’s Long-Term Labour Needs

In addition to labour shortages due to the pandemic and border closures, Canada is experiencing an aging workforce and a declining birthrate. Canada has put new programs into place to increase economic immigration and strengthen Canada’s economy, create new jobs and increase global competitiveness.

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