Ending the Stigma Around Bankruptcy, with Jen Lee

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Jen Lee is a debt and credit attorney and owner of Jen Lee Law, Inc., a law firm with offices in San Francisco, San Ramon, and Tracy, California. She is a leading expert on debt, credit, and financial stress, having been featured in Consumer Affairs, US News & World Report, and other national publications. Jen is the creator of several innovative programs to deal with financial stress and rebuilding after financial disaster.

Jen is the co-author of Preventing Credit Card Fraud: A Complete Guide for Everyone from Merchants to Consumers, published by Rowman & Littlefield in March of 2017.

What You Will Learn:

  • How 70% of Americans have a debt or credit problem, but the stigma around talking about our finances makes us feel alone in our struggles
  • Why lack of education and major life events are the main cause of bad financial situations
  • Why we should look at bankruptcy as a tool rather than something to be ashamed of
  • What the consequences are of filing bankruptcy, and how Jen helps her clients recover
  • How to successfully rebuild credit after filing bankruptcy
  • Why reshaping the conversations around finances and offering actionable steps helps build self-esteem and improve overall mental health
  • Jen’s actionable advice for women looking to take control of their finances today

This is just a basic overview and is not legal advice specific to your situation. If you have questions about your rights when it comes to debt and credit, you should speak with an attorney in your area for legal advice. If you live in California or North Dakota and would like to speak with Jen Lee Law regarding your situation, please schedule an appointment.