Web Event – Mastering The Metaverse. Just as I prepare to give a presentation tomorrow at the Florida Bar Convention on remote lawyering from physical locations other than a traditional law office, I have received this announcement from Steve Tover, of AnyLaw, about a two hour webinar on June 30th discussing the Metaverse, a virtual world in which many persons can create an avatar and interact in real time over the Internet. The modern Internet finally has enough bandwidth to make such an environment useful, and Steve wants to show that it can be a way for lawyers to interact in a virtual environment. Is this the future of the Internet, or another fad? Watch and see. As an aside, I will be at Camping World on the 30th, with my RV, having some work done, and it is ironic that I will be working that day in a Camping World waiting area, and plan to attend the webinar while there.