He spent his days with angry people.
The fancy women wearing diamonds in the daytime,
came to him
for all the justice
they could afford.
He saw the old men and women,
who gingerly walked up the steps,
and sat down carefully.
He saw the righteous people,
wanting to right a wrong,
without the time or money to succeed.
Most of them just wanted a human being to hear.
Most of them didn’t have the time or money
for justice.
The rich ones didn’t get rich
giving money to him..
Paying to right wrongs
wasn’t in their plans.
Everyone wanted him to adopt their cause.
Everyone wanted him to bleed with them.
Everyone wanted him to have sleepless nights with them.
They wanted a co-conspirator,
in grief.
As he grew older,
it was easier to say no
to the insincere,
and the users
of his time.
They never wanted to pay the price.
He learned to say thank you,
but no thank you.
Perhaps you might find
a shoulder to cry on,
in an online directory.
Here is the telephone number
of the department of arguments.
You are a Monty Python fan,
aren’t you?
Well, I am sorry.
I can’t help you.
I can only help people
who want my help,
and are willing to pay the price.
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