CLOC is excited to announce the publication of version 2.0 of the Matter Lifecycle Management (MLM) Guide. Using proven project management principles geared to the way lawyers handle legal matters, this eBook provides insight into the workflows and templates that support matter management best practices. Developed specifically to address the needs of the legal department and the progression of a matter as it moves through the process stages of intake, planning, execution and review, this guide is inclusive of both in-house and/or outside counsel involvement.

This robust eBook is now available to the entire legal community.

CLOC Members can access the worksheets, artifacts/templates, and materials noted in the guide through the Community Connect member portal. CLOC Members are also invited to register for a series of five workshops on MLM implementation hosted by the LPM Committee over the next two months. Register now!

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The Matter Life Management Guide was developed by the CLOC 2.0 LPM Committee. Special thanks to all the individuals who contributed their expertise and time to develop such an insightful and useful tool for the legal community. For more information on how to get involved with a committee, contact us at

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