Be sure to check out Anthony Alderman (MRICS, SR/WA, CRE, Senior Managing Director at Cushman & Wakefield), who guests on Episode 98 of Clint Schumacher’s Eminent Domain Podcast, “Eminent Domain in Pop Culture.”

You know we are going to really appreciate an episode “about depictions of eminent domain in popular culture – often a juror’s only prior exposure to condemnation law.” Whether it’s the vibe of contitution, or how eminent domain can show up in novels, Netflix, Russian and Australian movies, memes (and meme briefs), or nerding out on Star Trek metaphors. We love this topic.

But it’s not all distractions, because the episode also covers “what makes appraising for eminent domain acquisitions different from other appraisal projects as well as current issues of interest in the appraisal field.”

What a fun episode. Don’t miss it.