See the 3-Supreme Court Justice Statement (starting at p. 37) here, noting:

Yet if experience is any guide, our decision not to order review will be misconstrued by some as an affirmative determination by this court that under the law, bumble bees are fish. A better-informed observer might ask: How can the court pass up this opportunity to review the Court of Appeal’s interpretation of the Fish and Game Code, which seems so contrary to common knowledge that bumble bees are not a type of fish? Doesn’t this clear disconnect necessarily amount to “an important question of law” [] warranting this court’s intervention, because the Legislature could not possibly have intended such a result?


How would YOU amend the U.S. Constitution? That’s the question that was posed to 3 teams (Team Libertarian, Team Progressive, and Team Conservative) and here’s their surprising report (only a dozen pages and worth the read).