In my dreams, I am an avenger.

I become the wrath and force

of almighty gods.

I slay evildoers

with a broadsword.

I roam the countryside,

seeking justice for the weak,

and punishment for those who do wrong.

Sometimes, the buildings are convoluted,

and the stairways go on forever.

I exit a door to a field of grass.

I walk and walk,

until another door appears.

When I enter,

the rooms are large and crowded,

and the noise rises

in a crescendo of cacophonous fury.

The world lays at my feet,

and I survey the throngs

of worshipers,

who ask me to slay their dragons.

When I awake,

I am amazed

at the softness of the sheets,

and the morning light

that greets me,

through the vinyl blinds

that cost $3.99

at the mall. .rickcigar