The Oldest Active Practicing Attorney In Florida. This article is a couple of years old, and W.J. (Jackson} Vaughn, who would be 108 this year, died in March, 2020. He actively practiced law until his death. In November, when I turn 75, I can claim that I have been actively practicing law for over 50 years continuously, and my goal is to make it another 25 years, and to be practicing at the age of 100. Of course, I have no illusions that I will make it; but, what is a life without goals? The beauty of a solo practice is that the advice, physical and brain function staying healthy, still has benefits. In fact, with age, the wisdom from experience can make the advice more valuable. Keeping an active brain is important to longevity, and experience can add much to the quality of the advice. I am a very fortunate man, and fate has given me much more that it has taken from me. Even in my darkest days, when I see death creeping up on me, I always find a way to realize how lucky I have been. One year these ruminations about death and dying will come to an end, I know that. But, until then, know that every day we get is a blessing. Every hour I get to write down what it is like to live and practice law at an advanced age, is a blessing. .ricklogo sharp