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Lawyers uphold the law and defend their clients’ legal rights. In terms of pay and job satisfaction, a law profession can be rewarding. You can decide if becoming a lawyer is the right career choice for you by learning about the responsibilities and requirements. The practice of pursuing a career abroad has long been popular. Why? The answer, though, is straightforward. We are drawn to a lot of things that shine elsewhere. 

These changes cost a lot of money and are extravagant, which is why we desire them. It differs from person to person as to what motivates us to travel overseas. We are aware that many of us, for a variety of reasons, desire to begin our careers abroad. However, things might become a little confusing when talking about lawyers.

The regulations to work abroad as an Indian lawyer varies depending on where you intend to go. There are several opportunities for Indian lawyers to pursue careers overseas, but the majority is through associations with foreign attorneys. To assist lawyers in learning Indian law, this office can place Indian attorneys overseas. The employment prospects for Indian lawyers abroad are covered in this LegaMart blog. Lawyers from India who meet the necessary qualifications can work overseas. Getting legal assistance as a “consultant” under humanitarian law is a simple way to accomplish this. 

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What are the Opportunities to Work Abroad as an Indian Lawyer?

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Foreign law firms, including UK firm Magic Circle, are bolstering their India offices by adding experienced deal firms in Singapore and London as investor confidence in India is expected to increase, leading to cross-border merger deals and purchases. Market analysts expect the economy to rebound after a two-year growth rate of less than 5 per cent, boosting business activity with companies looking for mergers and acquisitions and financing opportunities.

Foreign firms seek dual-qualified Indian lawyers to work in India and abroad. Under Indian law, foreign companies are not permitted to have offices in India or provide consulting services. They can, however, collaborate with Indian law firms by collaborating with Indian lawyers.

Because of their global presence, large numbers of lawyers, and revenues, the UK’s top five commercial law firms – Allen & Overy, Clifford Chance, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Linklaters, and Slaughter & May – are known as Magic Circle law firms.

According to a 2013, RSG Consulting report, India’s commercial law market is worth $1.07 billion based on external legal spending by Indian ET 500 companies. This represents a 43% increase over the previous three years, with an average annual growth rate of 13%, which is modest growth when compared to India’s economic growth and the inflation rate over the same period. Clifford Chance, based in the United Kingdom, has identified a growing trend in capital market activity in India dating back 50 years.

How to Practice Law in the UK with an Indian Law Degree?

The demand for Indian law attorneys has steadily increased in countries with an increasing interest in India as a business location, where the UK has around 850+ companies running in the UK as per 2021 data. Further, Indian-origin lawyers like Kartik Mittal in the UK are handling important matters like representing the Venezuelan government regarding the €1.6 billion gold.

A foreign law degree cannot be used to obtain a paralegal certificate. However, full-time foreign students in any subject, including law, have traditionally been able to enter the Graduate School of Law (GDL) or an equivalent transitional law course before proceeding to the next course LPC (to become an attorney) or the professional part of bar training (to become an attorney).

However, the GDL was replaced by the solicitors qualification examination(SQE) beginning in September 2021. Anyone who is a lawyer in their home country can practise in the UK under the qualified lawyers transfer scheme until September 2021. The QLTS, however, has been replaced by the SQE, and Indian lawyers wishing to practise in the UK must now pass this exam.

How to Practice Law in the US as an Indian Lawyer?

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Working as an Indian lawyer in the United States may appear difficult, but it is not impossible with hard work, dedication, and a little ingenuity. The Bar and Solicitors Admission Rules of the Court of Appeal allow lawyers from common law countries with two or more years of experience to submit a law degree for review and assessment. 

If they pass, they will not be required to take the bar exam. The LLM degree is another option for Indian students interested in pursuing an internship in the United States. Before taking the bar exam, you can earn an LLM. If you pass the bar exam, you will be able to practise law in the United States. However, bar exam requirements vary by state in the United States. Most states require a JD to take the bar exam, but some allow you to take it without one.

How to Practice law in UAE with an Indian Law degree?

There are several opportunities for Indian lawyers in Dubai, but the majority of them are through the offices of international law firms. The company can send Indian lawyers to assist you in learning Indian law. Other than the one registered in the system, the bar council has no other legal basis. However, unless your business is limited to providing consultancy services, you cannot pursue a litigation career in the UAE. 

To open a law firm that provides legal services in the Middle East, you must first find a local partner and obtain a licence to practise. Furthermore, because the Middle East is a civil jurisdiction, its legal concepts differ from those of common law jurisdictions. 

Although the fundamental international standards of corporate and commercial law are the same everywhere, it is critical to understand and become acquainted with the local laws and regulations in your jurisdiction. LegaMart, on the other hand, does not recommend that anyone start their own business in the Middle East or immediately after graduating from law school if they do not have sufficient knowledge and experience with local UAE regulations and markets.

How to Practice Law in Canada as an Indian Law Lawyer?

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The Canadian National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) has announced that the qualifications of professionals seeking to practise in Canada should be on par with those of the United Kingdom and Australia in the International Bar Qualification Examination in India. Law is regarded as one of the best future jobs in Canada. 

Great opportunities await you in Canada if you have a pre-law degree, a first law degree, and have passed the bar exam. A Canadian lawyer’s starting salary is CAD 72,000. Canada has a wide range of job opportunities in various provinces. However, job opportunities are increasing as the number of lawyers declines. Lawyers are in high demand across the board, from corporate to criminal law. Lawyers work to protect the interests of organisations and individuals. Position guidelines differ according to specialisation.

How to Practice in Europe as an Indian Lawyer?

If you have worked hard to become a lawyer in India, you may want to continue working as a lawyer abroad. Having a dual qualification is also advantageous for a variety of reasons. Having dual degrees increases your chances of landing a job as a lawyer. It also pays significantly more. For example, if you represent and advise clients in Indo-European business transactions, they are worth millions of dollars. 

To practise local law in a local European jurisdiction as an Indian lawyer, you must usually pass a local qualifying examination following national regulations. Modern European countries, on the other hand, are willing to recognise your legal ownership. Again, some countries have stricter legal ex-pat requirements and academic legal systems than others. You now have a diploma, knowledge, and the confidence to start what you want and show what you want. 

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The best name is to receive legal positions from large law firms or advice from India’s Office. Consider Ernst & Young or Deloitte, both of which have European branches. Working for a local boutique company that specialises in Indian business is another option. Working with internal functions is a little more challenging. 

Companies that are actively involved in the Indian market have Indian subsidiaries with Indian lawyers on the ground. Companies that are not based in India hire law firms with Indian offices to ensure that their lawyers are professional. This makes becoming an Indian-oriented lawyer for a European firm difficult, but it is worth a shot. Due to visa issues, no legal freelancers are possible.


As a result, yes, a lawyer with an Indian Law degree can practise law in foreign countries if certain conditions are met. One may need to stay current on the requirements for practising law in the country in which one wishes to practise. It is critical to follow immigration procedures specific to each country. To find the best immigration lawyer, visit the Legamart website. We have the best immigration lawyers on the planet. We also offer legal advice and representation in other countries.

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