I don’t need a fancy home office. When I got kicked out of the house front room that used to be my home office (long story, in a marriage far, far away), I took my stuff to the garage. I put up bookcases, a few 110 outlets, laid some cheap carpet, installed a window AC unit in the exterior wall, and blocked off the garage door with plywood. I put a recliner on one side of the room, and bought the biggest TV available (65 inches, pictured here). Think rustic chic. No fancy mahogany desks, no pricey furniture, tiny by any measure. I set up a 32 inch computer monitor, attached scanners and printers and peripherals, oh my, and filled the room and every nook and cranny with my book collection. It is really a messy environment; but, out here, I am King, and no woman will ever want to come in here, for fear of dying from a heart attack. Still, as I have upgraded my computers and monitors, and recliner, and added junk, this trusty old TV still functions. It is really thick, and nothing like the slim, light big screens you can buy today. I have looked at some Black Friday deals for smart TVs, and found a 70 inch Vizio on sale for $458. I am tempted; but, this TV still works, and, at six feet away, it is almost too big. Today, I am giving thanks that I have a room to call my own (or, as Diane calls it, my Man Cave), and I am grateful for a place to think, and to write, and I really don’t care what it looks like. Give thanks today for the freedom to do as you please, in a country that still, at least in many minds, is the most free on the planet. Happy Thanksgiving.