It’s A Wonderful Life.
He opened his eyes,
and felt the pain
in his shoulders,
and his back,
and his knees.
It was wonderful.
He struggled to the edge of the bed,
and draped his legs over the side,
as he strained to sit up,
waiting for the blood to rush from his head
to his feet.
It was wonderful.
He stood up,
staggered to the bathroom,
and looked into the mirror
at the grizzled image
of an old man,
with a belly made for Santa Claus,
and eyes bloodshot
from lack of sleep.
It was wonderful.
He had a cup of coffee,
kissed his wife hello
spoke his good morning
in a plaintive voice,
that belied his tiredness.
It was wonderful.
She held him close,
and whispered in his ear
that she loved him,
no matter what,
She gave him courage
to meet the day,
and the devils,
and the devious,
and the proud,
and the loud,
and the awful,
and the mean spirited,
and the creatures of the night.
It was wonderful.