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Jasmine Avery | December 8, 2022

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The new year is an opportunity to reset, establish new personal goals and take the wisdom you gained the previous year and apply it to the next. This rings especially true the first New Year’s Day after a divorce. Divorce is one of the most challenging experiences you will go through and being able to leave the turmoil behind you is a welcomed relief. However, you may be feeling lost on how to start this new chapter in your life. Here are a few tips on how to move forward and heal to be the best version of yourself in the upcoming year.

Even if you know that divorce was the right option for your family, it is natural to grieve the life you thought you were going to have with your former spouse. You entered your marriage with love in your heart, and it is normal to be disappointed with how it ended. Take the time to acknowledge how you feel, allow yourself to experience and process those emotions, and finally let them go. Holding everything in is only going to prolong your pain and delay your healing.

Consider going to therapy to help you process what you went through. By talking to a qualified professional, you can speak freely to an unbiased third party who has the tools necessary to help you. By speaking to a therapist, you are also taking the emotional labor off your personal support system. While you should be able to lean on your family and friends during tough times, it is unfair to put the responsibility on them to help you heal. Speaking to a professional is a win-win for everyone.

Divorce, no matter how amicable, is an emotionally taxing process. It is likely that during your divorce proceedings, you were just trying to get through the day. Now that most of the stress is over, it is important to focus on taking care of yourself. Are you nourishing your mind and body? What do you do to relieve stress? Are there any hobbies you want to cultivate? Really consider how you would like to bring more health and happiness into your life this upcoming year.

If you have children with your former spouse, you are now figuring out what co-parenting with them looks like. This can be especially challenging if your divorce proceedings did not carry on amicably. In moments of tension or emotion, think about your children. While your ex may no longer be your spouse, they will always be your child’s parent. Do everything you can to ensure your children continue to have a healthy and happy relationship with your former spouse; everyone will be better off for it.

Ultimately, the most important piece of advice we can give you is to be patient with yourself because healing does not come overnight. At the same time, do not wallow in your sadness; it is important to remain hopeful because happiness is around the corner for you and your children. If divorce truly was the right decision for your family, everyone is better off for it. And if in the future you need a family law advocate on your side, remember our experienced attorneys at Goranson Bain Ausley are here to help.

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