Editor’s Note: ComplexDiscovery is an online publication that highlights cyber, data, and legal discovery insight and intelligence ranging from original research to aggregated news for use by cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery professionals. The highly targeted publication seeks to increase the collective understanding of readers regarding cyber, data, and legal discovery information and issues and provides an objective resource for considering trends, technologies, and services related to electronically stored information. One key area of coverage by ComplexDiscovery is the business of eDiscovery. Provided in this annual research roll-up are reference links to seventeen reports that may be beneficial in helping develop an understanding of the business of eDiscovery in 2022.

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2022 Reporting on the Business of eDiscovery: Seventeen Reports

Industry Research and Reports

Selected report descriptions and links to core reports published during the last year by ComplexDiscovery relating to key eDiscovery business spheres of interest.

Quarterly eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey: A non-scientific quarterly survey designed to provide insight into the business confidence level of individuals working in the eDiscovery ecosystem. The survey consists of nine core multiple-choice questions focused on factors related to the general business of eDiscovery, including sentiment toward revenue, profits, and challenges. Additionally, the survey contains three optional questions focused on the business operational metrics of days sales outstanding (DSO), monthly recurring revenue (MRR), and revenue distribution across customer bases.

Semi-Annual eDiscovery Pricing Survey: A non-scientific and non-comprehensive survey designed to provide general insight into eDiscovery pricing as shared by individuals working in the eDiscovery ecosystem.

Industry Opinion and Preferences Surveys: Non-scientific surveys designed to help provide a general understanding of specific topics as considered by cybersecurity, information governance, and legal professionals within the eDiscovery ecosystem.

Annual eDiscovery Market Size Mashup: An aggregation of published industry data points from research firms, industry commentators, and eDiscovery providers, modeled and presented to highlight eDiscovery software and service market size and growth projections.

Annual eDiscovery Mergers, Acquisitions, and Investments Overview: An aggregation of the publicly reported merger, acquisition, and investment events, tracked and published to present the events and pulse rates of these events in the eDiscovery ecosystem.

Annual eDisclosure Buyers Guide and eDiscovery Directory: Industry resources published to provide insight and intelligence regarding eDiscovery software and services selection and sourcing.

Regular Updates on the Russ0-Ukrainian War: Prepared and shared with permission from the Institute for the Study of War, ComplexDiscovery provides weekly updates that may be useful for cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery professionals as they consider investigations and litigation resulting from war crimes committed during the war.

ComplexDiscovery is grateful to all the cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery professionals that contributed to and participated in our reporting and research efforts during 2022.

Additional Research

ComplexDiscovery also has extensive report extracts and explanations for time frames before 2022.  The extracts and explanations can be found in the investments, market sizing, and surveys sections of ComplexDiscovery.com.

Additional Reading

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