In this episode, Host Annette Hines shares more about her goals for 2023. This year she is taking a sabbatical, not from work, but from all her external commitments.  She notes that the term “sabbatical” means taking a break, which most often is associated with a leave from work. However, as Special Needs Companies, which includes her law and trustee practices, requires her to continue working, she is taking a sabbatical from any outside commitments of her time, talents, and treasures. A 2021 charter article notes the importance of sabbatical time for everyone. 

Hines notes that she is blessed with a large community that values her support and knowledge, which she truly treasures. “I am the gal who cannot say no,” she notes, which translates into her over involvement in an abundance of outside commitments which has persisted for three decades.  “It’s hard to turn that off and move away from it,” she explains. So in order to figure out why she constantly is getting involved in other activities, she started in September questioning her motivations to be overly committed.

First, she explored the concept of fear: If I say no, will people stop asking me to help? Will people be angry with me or judge me?  Or will people think she should be doing these activities?

Second, she explored the concept of joy, community, and friendships: Because all of her social engagements related to her external commitments, she questioned: Why must I always be in service or purpose to something?

Third, she questioned her identity: If I’m not a caregiver, if I’m not in service to others, who am I?

Then, she started questioning what it might look like to stop saying yes, and start responding to requests with ‘no.’  What does it look like to say “no” to requests for money, support, speaking engagements? What does it look like to withdraw from a committee or organization?  What happens when outside commitments stop? Which organizations, activities, and people will be missed?

By the end of 2023, Hines hopes to be able to identify the things that truly bring her joy.  Once she’s able to identify those areas where she is particularly passionate, she will have a much clearer sense of which external commitments to add back into her life in a mindful way.  Her hope for listeners is that you write down your own radical goals for 2023 and let her know what they are!  She would love your feedback on her goal for a sabbatical on saying ‘yes’ to outside commitments. Leave a comment here: Podcasts

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