Today’s DJ has:

  • Retired Court of Appeal justice joins Judicate West in San Diego — Cynthia G. Aaron sat on the 4th District Court of Appeal for 20 years. She has also been a U.S. magistrate judge and public defender.

  • Dobbs draft opinion leak becomes Supreme Court cold case — The report by Marshal Gail Curley stated that investigators interviewed 97 court employees, some more than once, and that all of them signed affidavits, under penalty of perjury, affirming that they did not disclose the draft opinion.
  • Dean Chemerinsky’s Abusing the shadow docket — It again is five conservative justices advancing the conservative agenda, here with regard to immigration, in violation of clear legal rules and using the shadow docket to achieve their goals.
And today at 2:30 MST (not PST) the 9th Circuit livestreams the Investiture of The Honorable Roopali H. Desai.