In this episode, Steve Fretzin, Deb Knupp, Alay Yajnik, and Gary Johnson discuss:

  • Strategies to build a network when you’re away from the city. 
  • LinkedIn and being a thought leader. 
  • Getting out of the net of the friend zone. 
  • Making the pitch and getting the sale. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Staying in touch with people is all about authentic reasons. Even from a distance, invite people, introduce people, be involved, and share your insights. 
  • Create valuable content that is both educational and inspirational. When you do that, people will trust you more. 
  • When someone hasn’t responded back to you, it may not be you. It is often that they are busy. Follow up often. It is typically 5-7 touches to get business. 
  • If you’re going to be giving somebody a proposal, schedule a conversation to go through the proposal. Most people need context and information to go with the number on the price tag. 


“Have the mindset that sales is an act of service. It is when you’re committed to building authentic relationships, and you can suspend self-interest long enough to solve the problem that should be solved, not just the one you get billed for. Give before get – it will make a huge, huge difference.” —  Deb Knupp


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