The new edition of Trial Advocacy has just been launched and Aspen Publishing’s announcement is as follows:

Trial Advocacy, Fifth Edition equips trial lawyers, students, and professors with a complete set of tools for practicing the art of trial advocacy, including explicit instructions on planning, strategy, and performance for each phase of a trial from jury selection to closing argument with illustrations of both criminal and civil trial activity.  An accompanying movie features trial demonstrations by veteran trial lawyers; a regularly updated website provides articles, supplemental materials, downloads, and links to additional resources.

New to the Fifth Edition:
Case law and rules of procedure, evidence, and professional responsibility are updated to reflect the latest changes. 
The COVID pandemic has had a big impact on litigation practice. The Fifth Edition tracks these developments in trial advocacy today: 
o Jury selection procedures and strategies for online trials. 
o Preparing witnesses to testify online. 
o Direct and cross-examination of witnesses online. 
o Introducing and displaying exhibits online.
o Advancements in technology for creating persuasive visuals in the courtroom or online.
This new edition is now available in print and on the popular Casebook Connect online platform. 
This new edition keeps pace with the advancements in technology, particularly electronic visuals. 
Foundations for testimony have been added, giving the new edition comprehensive coverage of evidentiary foundations for admissibility along with illustrative transcripts of predicate questions. 
Chapter 15 “The Cases and Assignments” containing 79 trial advocacy performance assignments is added to the book. 
Teaching Materials: 
Checklists for each chapter for easy teachability 
Both civil and criminal case files for the performance assignments 
Actors’ Guide for the performance exercises 
Teacher’s Manual with course syllabus 
Videos of jury trial demonstrations 
Companion website: 

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