Open AI Releases ChatGPT-4. AS a subscriber to ChatGPT Plus, I am now rocking Version 4, which is far more comprehensive, intelligent and responsive that the previous version. Generative AI is becoming more “human” all the time. I am very excited about putting it through its paces. I also think that there are a lot of developers and companies trying to figure out how this new technology can power their software in the future. It is only a matter of time until AI is indistinguishable from the smartest human being on the planet. Of course, the systems will never be anything but human mimics that create human like conversations and information. The system will never convincingly duplicate human wit, poetic sensibility, and judgment. And, no, Virginia, Terminator robots will not walk the planet killing humans. At least, I don’t think so. I could be wrong. Version 4 makes the same mistakes Version 3 made when I asked if it knew me. So, ChatGPT and other AI results will still have to be carefully edited by humans before being used. But, this thing can save hours and hours of human research and writing. Science fiction is becoming Science fact.