GPT-4 Unleashed. Open AI has introduced the next iteration of its ground breaking AI, and Kevin O’Keefe (My Internet Guru) cites this PC World article this morning, that discusses the changes and improvements over 3.5. The biggest one, for me, is the ability to create documents with 25,000 words. This thing can write papers and books. Amazing. It is 80% more accurate, and obvious errors are far less likely. Human editing and review will still be required; but, what a time saver. As a subscriber to ChatGPT Plus, I have access to 4, and I love it already. Kevin will be integrating it into his blog aggregator and publishing services. He has always been on the bleeding edge of tech; and generative AI is the new frontier. Since I am in the declining years of my life, I feel fortunate that I have lived to see the development of computer intelligence. The Turing model is obsolete. Computers can be trained to mimic human content creators; and we are not far away from computers that can initiate conversations on their own. My favorite science fiction librarian is here.