In this episode, Host Annette Hines has a great conversation with Anthony (Tony) Delauney about how to have family financial conversations and teaching kids early about how to use money wisely. Anthony is a financial advisor, franchise business owner, and author of several financial education books, including three in the Owning the Dash series. His books include Applying the Mindset of a Fitness Master to the Art of Family Financial Planning (2019), The No-Regrets Retirement Roadmap (2021), and children’s picture books Dash and Nikki and the Jellybean Game (2021), Lilly and May Learn Why Mom and Dad Work (2022) with more titles forthcoming.

Passionate about supporting growing families, Anthony’s children’s books help initiate family financial conversations and topics about money management including important lessons such as being patient in your decisions, helping one another, risk vs. reward, and the importance of earning and budgeting. He and Annette discuss the concept of gambling in his 2023 book, Rohan and Nyra and Big Sister’s Bet, and how he received comments from some readers about whether or not this subject is appropriate to introduce to children. However, the issues of greed, constantly wanting more, and allowing our emotions to guide our behaviors are essential for kids to reflect on as these elements impact our lives in more situations in which risk is involved.  Anthony asserts that it’s essential to talk openly with children and help guide them early on about how to make thoughtful choices.

You can find Anthony Delauney’s books at Mascot Books, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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