What do you tell your kids to consider as they think about their career path ahead with the rise of AI?  It’s not an easy question to answer.  My guest today, Frank Vella, CEO at Constant Contact, delves into this topic and much more.  We combine a discussion on AI with business platforms, working remote, and marketing.  Entrepreneurship is alive and well post pandemic, however finding your customers is a challenge.  Businesses need to be able to use services that help them reach the right audiences.

As background, Constant Contact is a comprehensive digital and e-commerce marketing platform that simplifies and enhances businesses’ ability to market and sell their ideas in today’s intricate online marketing landscape.

Prior to joining Constant Contact, Vella built best-in-class operations at various sized tech firms across the globe, including top-tier companies like Microsoft, GE Capital, HP Enterprise and Xerox. He led companies through growth, transformation and successful exits while remaining focused on building a terrific culture and keeping a company’s product and presence ahead of the crowd.