Miles Mason, Sr. JD, CPA, joins Kurt Myers, Rob Vance, and Rhonda Sides to discuss the MUM Analysis – Multi-Attribute Utility Model – a court-tested approach to allocating personal/professional goodwill and enterprise goodwill for a privately held business. Robert Vance, Forensic & Valuation Services, defines MUM for the TSCPA valuation panel & walks them through the calculation process. Various methods a lawyer can use to cross-examine the expert witness regarding their MUM calculation. From the 2021 Tennessee Society of CPAs, Forensic & Valuation Services Conference.

0:00 – Calculating MUM – Multi-Attribute Utility Model
4:35 – Advantages & Alternatives to MUM
7:34 – Cross-Examining MUM

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Robert Vance
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Rhonda Sides
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Miles Mason, Sr. JD, CPA, is author of The Forensic Accounting Deskbook: A Practical Guide to Financial Investigation and Analysis for Family Lawyers, Second Edition, published by the ABA Family Law Section.

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